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Leymebamba and museum

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Located at 2150 m above sea level (7052 ft ), at the origin of the Utcubamba River, we find the picturesque farming and cattle-raising community of Leymebamba. This charming community is 90 km (approx. 56 mi) to the south of the city of Chachapoyas.

This is the starting point for our hiking, horseback-riding tours to the ruins of La Congona, Diablo Huasi, La Petaca, the Lake of the Condors and others.  Leymebamba has some good restaurants and 2 + star hostels. We recommend staying here overnight to continue with our trip to Celendin and Cajamarca.

The Leymebamba Museum is 5km (approx. 3 mi) away from the town. It was built thanks to the initiative of the Bioanthropology Foundation Peru-Centro Mallqui, upon receiving financial support from an Austrian group of citizens and other private donors.

The museum was inaugurated in June of 2000 and displays over 200 mummies, including their funeral offerings, discovered in 1997, near the Lake of the Condors, also called the Lake of the Mummies.

The architectural design of the museum reproduces the local traditional building practices, incorporating innovative construction techniques and local materials.

The rich and diverse native flora embellishes the surroundings, showcasing its orchid collection, with more than a 100 local varieties.  The Leymebamba Museum Association, conformed by community members and representatives of Centro Mallqui, reflects the interest and active participation of the community in the projects and activities of the museum.

In 2006, a selection of mummies and archeological artifacts were studied and put on display at the Vienna Technical Museum and at the Archaeological Museum of Bolzano - Italy. 





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