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Brief description:

Kuélap represents the most remarkable architectonic accomplishment of the skillful Chachapoya constructors, this fortified citadel was built at an altitude of 3000 meters on a mountain crest of the upper Utcubamba valley, Kuélap was inhabited over a millennium, being a stronghold against the inca conquest which partially succeed to integrate the Chachapoya to its domains for 60 years, until the Spaniard arrival to the area around 1534. This archaeological highlight has been postulated to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. After a comprehensive visit we will proceed along the Utcubamba valley towards the town of Leymebamba were we will arrive to spend the night.

Day 01:

Kuelap is the largest ancient stone structure in South America is situated on the crest of a ridge 3000m above sea level overlooking the Utcubamba River, some 2½ hours from the city of Chachapoyas.  Walls towering up to 17m in places surround the citadel forming a massive platform on which temples and more than 420 round houses have been built.  Your guide will take you through Kuelap, showing you the round houses, explaining the life the inhabitants had and the main points of interest.  

Many areas inside the complex are forested and retain the “lost city” feel and as you walk around you will see orchids and hummingbirds.   




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    There is not difficult to access the site


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