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Wonderful North

9 Days / 8 Nights

Brief description:

This tour takes us to see historical places like Cajamarca a milestone in Inca history, because of the meeting held Spaniards and Incas mostly done Square and Atahualpa was imprisoned and sentenced to death; This starts the introduction of Spanish culture in Peru. Then we will know the legacy of the Chachapoyas culture, known as the Warriors of clouds and until the last moment were bitter enemies of the Incas, those who disrupted throughout the empire to keep their uprisings and the few that remained in its territory were diesmados by diseases of the conquerors.

Day 01:

Lima / Cajamarca          (EP)

Depart the Lima Airport,  flight  to Cajamarca in the afternoon.
Arrival to the Cajamarca Airport, reception and transfer to Hotel colonial glory. 

Day 02:

Cajamarca and surrounding                          (AB, L)

08:00 We will leave the Cajamarca valley for one hour drive along a 20Km unpaved road to visit the Archaeological and Geological Park of Cumbemayo located over the Pacific – Atlantic water divert at an altitude of 3,500 meters.
This one hour walking excursion follows a path crossing through pine forested highland plains, cliff formations, and along the famous Aqueduct of Cumbemayo, a remarkable hydraulic system chiseled into  volcanic tuff  to capture and traverse fresh water to the Cajamarca valley, several temples and pictographs along its course indicate its  relation to the water cult since the formative period.
On the way back we will stop at the Apolonia Hilltop to get a close overview of this Historic City where the Spanish ambush and capture of Inca Atahuallpa on Saturday 16th November 1,532 marked the successful conquest of the Inca Empire. 
After lunch we will admire the beautiful Cajamarca main square, the baroque carved façades of the Cathedral and the Franciscan church, visit the Ransom Room which was once filled with gold and silver Inca idols in exchange of Atahuallpa’s freedom who never came true. A short stroll will take us to wonder the exquisite craftsmanship of the Bethlehemite’s colonial church and hospitals considered among Cajamarca’s  highlights.
17:30 Arrive to Hotel

Day 03:

Cajamarca / Celendín / Museo / Leymebamba   (AB, L, D)

This 10 hour journey, from Cajamarca to Leymebamba offers true breathtaking landscapes; first up to Celendín, a small city famous for its hand woven Panamá Hats, the highway stays bright winding through a hilly landscape patched with Pine forests and gracing cows, after Celendín the route turns into a narrow paved mountain road which crosses the impressive Marañón river gorge while traversing the central Andean mountain chain to access the Chachapoya territory.    This afternoon we will visit the  Leymebamba Museum to admire the most remarkable Archaeological collection of  the  Chachapoya Culture; including 224 mummies!, all rescued from a group of cliffhanging Mausoleums perched over the “Lake of  Condors”,  a  sacred place to the chachapoya, located into deep cloud forest nine hours far ridding on horseback from Leymebamba, the town  which is our overnight destination.

Day 04:

Leymebamba / Kuelap / Chachapoyas          (AB, L)

Depart Leymebamba for a three - hour drive to Kuélap, the route crosses the Utcubamba valley and ascends along the mountain gravel road which leads to the fortified Chachapoya citadel, after a 30 minute smooth uphill walk along a stone cobbled path; starts our two hour guided visit of this magnificent archaeological site. Kuélap was the main settlement of the legendary  "cloud warriors" who lived there for over a millennium, the citadel is strategically located over a mountain ridge, on the left bank of the Utcubamba valley at an elevation of 3030 meters, and consists of two monumental platforms up to 20 meters in height which hold more than 400 circular houses beside other structures, the archaeological excavations at Kuélap reported three stages of cultural development: Chachapoya, Chachapoya – Inca, and early Colonial.  After having visited Kuélap our tour continues to enjoy lunch at a nearby charming town, then we will drive for three more hours to reach our overnight destination, the colonial city of Chachapoyas located at 2300 masl.

Day 05:

Chachapoyas / Gocta / Cocachimba            (AB, BL)

We will leave Chachapoyas for an hour drive towards Cocachimba, the town where to start our five hour round trip pleasant trek to Gocta  following a smooth and well-constructed path which crosses first through cultivated fields before entering a narrow gorge covered by beautiful mountain cloud forest which houses in its depth the third highest waterfall on earth: “Gocta”.  After having enjoyed box lunch admiring this marvelous natural spectacle, starts the trek back to Cocachimba, to enjoy and overnight at the beautiful facilities of the Gocta Andes Lodge (3*).

Day 06:

Cocachimba / Bagua / Chiclayo                     (AB, L)

The paved highway to the Pacific Coast takes us on a fantastic 10 hour journey along the awesome Utcubamba Canyon, between the rice terraces of the Bagua valley and through Marañón dry equatorial forest, before traversing the eastern -western water divert at the Porcuya Mountain Pass at 2,137m to descend until reaching sea level at the coastal City of Chiclayo, where we will be housed by  Casa Andina Select Hotel.

Day 07:

Chiclayo and surroundings                             (AB, L)

The famous Norwegian Explorer Thor Heyerdahl described the archaeological site of Túcume, a religious - administrative center for the Lambayeque Kingdom, as “The pyramids valley” due to the incredible concentration of 26 such monumental  constructions within its 224 protected hectares. After having enjoyed this visit and the traditional recipes of the northern Peruvian kitchen, we will come to the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum to witness the exquisite craftsmanship of the Mochica gold and silversmiths whose masterpieces were finally laid in their lords and religious entourage graves for their correspondent use in the afterlife.

Day 08:

Chiclayo / El Brujo / Chan Chan / Trujillo     (AB, L)

After a two hour drive along the Pan American Highway heading south we will arrive at “El Brujo” an archaeological site in the Chicama valley to visit the pyramid of Cao where the only yet known female Mochica ruler was unearthed in 2006, the exquisite site Museum exhibits the tattooed body of this mysterious Queen known today as “The Lady of Cao”, together with its incredible array of golden royal emblems.
On the afternoon just before getting to Trujillo we will visit the neighbor archaeological administrative and religious capital of the Chimú Kingdom called  Chan Chan,  our Libertador Hotel (4*) is conveniently located  at  the main square of this beautiful colonial City.

Day 09:

Trujillo and surroundings                               (AB, L)

08:00 Along the southern edge of Trujillo flows the Moche river and just next to its left bank rises a lonely rocky hill which the Moche understood as a sacred sign to construct around its religious administrative center known today as “the  pyramids of Moche”, an extraordinary archaeological site transformed into an exemplary research and conservation project which recently opened its outstanding site Museum. After this rewarding experience we will return to take a stroll through the city’s historic downtown which fortunately preserves significant examples of its past. 




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    To visit Revash or waterfall Gocta, horses can be used additional cost, please inquire about it

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