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    entierro Chachapoya

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    Pared interior Kuelap

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    Revash Mausoleum

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Utcubamba Valley

6 Days / 5 Nights

Brief description:

This tour begins in the Lambayeque region, specifically start the trip from the capital, the city of Chiclayo, to penetrate in the world of The Warriors of the Clouds, whose legacy, mostly, is in the province of Luya; We know the Citadel Fortified Kuelap, main icon of this culture, also methods of burial in sarcophagi and mausoleums and beautiful museum that displays objects found in the Lagoon of the Condors, the latter place, ie, the lagoon is a sacred place of the Chachapoyas accessed riding after 8 hours of riding; an itinerary for those who like adventure and feel in the middle of pure nature. It ends in Cajamarca where Peruvian history began with the Spanish conquest.

Day 01:

Chiclayo / Chachapoyas                  (L, D)

This 10 hour ride will take you through the  northeastern Peruvian Andean range, over the Porcuya mountain pass (7,000ft), crossing the rice fields of Bagua, and driving along the gorgeous Utcubamba Canyon  to get to the historic city of Chachapoyas (7,500 ft) gateway to the territory of the ancient “Sachapuyu” or “inhabitants of the Cloud forest”, evening arrival to the colonial city of Chachapoyas founded in 1538 by the Spanish conqueror Alonso de Alvarado. Overnight at  Hostel  Casa Vieja (3*). 

Day 02:

Chachapoyas / Karajía Sarcophagus / Chachapoyas (AB, L)

Today you will be amazed with one of Peru’s most fascinating archeological wonders: the Karajía Sarcophagus, elite Chachapoya burials high perched on cliffhangings at the Jucusbamba gorge. After enjoying lunch at the enchanting town of Lámud, we will return to Chachapoyas, to arrive in the afternoon.

Day 03:

Chachapoyas / Kuélap / Chillo      (AB, L, D) 

The fortified Chachapoya citadel of Kuélap located above a mountain ridge at 9,850 ft, will impress you with its gigantic construction scale and capture your thoughts,  as you will try to solve  its  unexplained  mysteries. This remarkable archaeological site at this moment under restoration, has been considered as one of the top  peruvian tourist destinations. After lunch, drive to the Utcubamba valley to enjoy dinner and overnight at the country style Guesthouse El Chillo (3*).

Day 04:

Chillo /Revash/ Leymebamba Museum/Leymebamba  (AB,L,D) 

07:30 After 1.5 hour drive, start a smooth 2 hour uphill  trek to observe the remarkable cliff mausoleums of Revash, one of the best examples of this type of elite communal graves constructed by the Chachapoya over narrow rock shelves highly perched on sheer cliff walls to render cult to their ancestors. In the afternoon the Leymebamba Museum will surprise you with its  outstanding collection of 229 Mummies and an array of  well  preserved unique archaeological offerings rescued from the Chachapoya shrine called  “Lake of the Condors”. Overnight at Hostel La Casona from Leymebamba (2.5*)

Day 05:

Leymebamba / Celendín / Cajamarca      (AB,L)

07:00 Leave Leymebamba for a 08 hour drive along a well maintained  mountain gravel road  which crosses through an incredible array of eco diversity: highland moors, Cloud forest,  Mountain Yungas, Dry scrub forest, and highland  Andean valleys, before entering the historic City of Cajamarca (2,720m altitude) on the late afternoon. Overnight at Hotel & Thermal Resort Laguna Seca (4*) 

Day 06:

Cajamarca & transfer to Cajamarca Airport    (L)

Start this morning exploring the geological - archaeological park and the ritual channel of Cumbemayo or “fine carved aqueduct”, a true remarkable hydraulic system related to the water cult during the formative period, on the way back admire the entire City of Cajamarca and its surrounding valley from the Apolonia Hilltop, then visit its beautiful main square where Atahuallpa and the Inca empire met its destiny under the Spanish conquerors, do not miss the famous ransom room the only inca building left to be seen in the city, and the colonial cloister of Bethlehem which houses two colonial hospitals. Transfer to the Cajamarca airport to take the flight to Lima.





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    To visit Revash, horses can be used additional cost, please inquire about it

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