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  •  We do not use disposable packaging for our box lunch

    We do not use disposable packaging for our box lunch

  •  Nature, our passion

    Nature, our passion

Our Business Policies

Well aware of the environmental and social impact caused by unsustainable tourism, Cloudforest Expeditions has implemented the following policies of sustainability within our strategic plan of development and competitiveness.


1.1          Minimization and  Management of solid waste

In order to minimize the production of solid waste due to our business activity, Cloudforest Expeditions promotes and gives priority to the acquisition of local goods which are biodegradable, returnable, or recyclable.

1.2          Smart use of energy

At Cloudforest Expeditions we are committed to reduce our energy consumption from the public grid, therefore our office has been design in order to achieve this goal, however; our vision is to take advantage  from  Solar Energy  to  satisfy our company requirement.

Throughout our tour operations, we work with rechargeable sources of energy and we support the responsible use of forest resources.  

We take on this extra effort to minimize our carbon footprint.

1.3          Use of water

At Cloudforest Expeditions we give paramount importance to the responsible usage of water resources.  We recycle rainwater, prevent leakage of drinking water, and avoid pouring contaminants into the sewer system.

1.4          About our chartered fleet of buses

At Cloudforest Expeditions, we work exclusively with tour buses which use only cleaner fuel.  These buses are in compliance with the limits for gas emissions and noise as established by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication (MTC). 

1.5          Preservation of our natural and cultural heritage

At Cloudforest Expeditions, we carefully oversee the impact of our operations on wildlife in protected areas, heritage sites and the local communities we visit.


2.1   Supporting our rural and indigenous communities

In developing our competitive tourist business in the Northern Amazonian circuit, Cloudforest Expeditions acknowledges and values the contributions of rural and indigenous communities by supporting their lifestyle, traditions and socio-cultural customs.  Through our active business participation in several associations, committees and forums, we safeguard and support the strategic development of their skills in their communities and recognize their legitimate land rights including their participation in growth projects for the sustainable development of tourism.

Our tours afford the visitor an opportunity to experience the unique and fascinating culture of the area.

2.2    Localities we visit

At Cloudforest Expeditions, we assess and select the localities to be visited by our tourists based on several diverse criteria such as uniqueness, openness and opportunity for development for each community.  Our company provides guidance and oversight through skill development in the chosen communities.  Our main goal is to achieve a sustainable socio-economic incorporation of these communities in the dynamics of rural tourism.


At Cloudforest Expeditions, we are constantly working to encourage our suppliers to join the group of businesses which flourish within the concept of sustainable development of tourism.  As a result, we expand our influence over other organizations and remain consistent to our own commitment of sustainable development of tourism.



At Cloudforest Expeditions, we are in constant pursuit of excellence in service for our clients and we are completely committed to their interests and satisfaction.  Our desire for our clients is, they have a substantial experience; making them more aware of the issues of the development of sustainable tourism through encouraging them to be involved in more sustainable practices.


At Cloudforest Expeditions, we are deeply committed to a greener environment while minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.  This is accomplished through our rules and policies which focus exclusively on this aspect.


At Cloudforest Expeditions, our standards have always focused on the principles of professionalism, social values, transparency, dedication, responsibility and justice.  We strongly address the values of humility, loyalty, honesty, solidarity, respect and consideration.

Our constant effort will always be for the conservation of archaeological objects and the preservation of heritage sites in Chachapoyas and in Peru.

Cloudforest Expeditions policies and procedures comply with all relevant laws, norms and regulations. 

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